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Guidelines for residents of student dormitories of the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin

1. After entering the premises of the University, hands should be disinfected. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at the entrance to the premises as well as staircases.

2. Masks should be worn on the University public places such as corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.  When necessary, protective gloves should be worn as well.

3. In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the instructions posted in sanitary and hygienic rooms should be followed, regarding washing hands, taking off and putting on gloves, removing and putting on a mask. In the case of dispensers with hand sanitizer - instructions on proper hand disinfection should be followed as well.

4. The distance of 2 meters should be kept from interlocutors and roommates.

5. Hands should be regularly and thoroughly washed with soap and water according to the instructions at the sink and dry hands should be disinfected with a hand sanitizer.

6. During coughing or sneezing, mouth and nose should be covered with a bent elbow or handkerchief - the handkerchief should be thrown into a closed basket as soon as possible and hands should be washed after.

7. The face should not be touched with your hands, especially the area of mouth, nose, and eyes.

8. Occupied rooms should be aired several times a day.

9. Use of common areas should be restricted at any given time:

- a maximum of two people can stay in the kitchen at the same time,

- a maximum of four people can stay in the sanitary and hygiene room at the same time.

10. It is forbidden to use the student lounges/common rooms until further notice.

11. It is forbidden for non-residents to visit or stay on the dormitory premises.

12. The shared dormitory rooms can accommodate only up to two people.

13. In order to limit interpersonal contacts, it is recommended to communicate via phones, emails, etc. where possible.

14. In the case of clear signs of the disease such as: persistent cough, fever, or breathing difficulties, a resident will not be allowed to enter the student dormitory.

The resident will be instructed by the service employee to call the emergency number 112 or to report to the nearest infectious diseases ward as soon as possible under the phone number: 63 240 44 02 for consultation with a doctor. National Health Fund hotline number for COVID-19 health-related inquiries: 800 190 590.

15. If a resident experiences any disturbing symptoms suggesting coronavirus infection, they are asked to stay in the room (along with a roommate, if applicable) and inform the dormitory staff about the situation. Any doubts regarding the state of health should be clarified by telephone so that the virus does not spread further. A person appointed by the Dean will immediately notify the nearest sanitary and epidemiological station by calling the number 63 243 90 52 or the nearest infectious diseases ward, tel.no. 63 240 44 02, and will strictly follow the given instructions and orders.


Guidelines on the requirements that should be met for the maximum safety of students and staff participating in classes

People participating in the classes

1. Only a healthy person without any symptoms suggesting an infectious disease may attend classes. Students and teachers and other staff who are sick OR who are at home with a person undergoing quarantine or home isolation OR who themselves are undergoing quarantine or home isolation are not allowed to participate in the classes.

2. No people other than students and employees should be in the room where classes are held.

3. No unnecessary things should be brought to the classes.

4. During a break in classes, students and employees may leave the building where the classes are held or stay on its premises, provided that there is adequate space allowing them to respect the social distance specified by law, amounting to at least 2 meters from the other person.

Principles of individual protection

1. The principle of covering the mouth and nose applies to the entire premises where classes are held. If for any reason the nose and mouth protectors have to be removed, an absolute 2-meter distance from other people must be observed.

2. While waiting for the entrance to the classes, students should keep a distance of at least 2 meters and keep their mouth and nose covered.

3. Only people with mouth and nose covered can enter the classes (disposable or reusable mask, visor for people who cannot cover their mouth and nose with a mask for health reasons).

4. There should be a 2-meter distance between students in classrooms and laboratories.

5. Classrooms should be regularly ventilated, before classes as well, at least every hour during classes.

6. Before entering the classroom, participants should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water and disinfect them. The preparation for disinfection is provided by the University.

7. The teachers present at the classes should also keep their mouth and nose covered.

8. It is necessary to disinfect items used during laboratory classes, if they are not disposable materials.